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Tokyo, Japan

10 places

Marina Yurcheva

Tokyo is the capital of experiments – you can't even imagine what you will see in its streets. Especially when it comes to shopping. The city is packed with hi-tech malls and antique mom and pop's shops selling bric a brac. Even if you are completely shopping-lost, Tokyo will help you combine the unmatchable and find the balance.

Kappabashi Street

This central street can be called the Kitchenware Universe – here you can find everything – fancy Japanese knives (with your name engraved on them), lunch-boxes, trays and pottery. They also sell plastic display food for restaurants – buy a fake sushi to add some modern art twist to your kitchen.

Tokyu Plaza

A famous mall at the corner of Omotesando and Meiji-dori. Its trademark is glass escalator vaults, hip open stores that merge into fancy boutiques – relaxed and cute. Here they sell mostly young Japanese designers.


The only vintage sunglasses and frames shop which both sells and repairs stuff. They focus on the lens – make ones to match your eye-sight and the frame. Sometimes, they can make a customized one if they feel inspired.

Isetan – Shinjuku

The department store was opened years ago but in early 2013 it was renovated and redesigned. Now it's a fashion museum – every floor is dedicated to a particular fashion trend or art. Thus, in Decade boutique you'll find the classics of the 1960-70s while MONO/KOTO showcases collaborations between artists, jewelers and designers.

Dover Street Market Ginza

This avant-garde concept boutique is all about beautiful chaos – it sells Comme des Garcons and other extravagant designers. Wander around all its six floors to find green elephants, wooden sculptures and twisted white poles.


Every big city has a place for love. In this store, you can find love gear in all its shapes, colors, flavors and even themes – they have the Hello Kitty condoms. The range also includes sex toys and even penis-shaped plants. The store is hard to miss with its crossroads location – for everyone to walk into the gates of passion.

Nippori Fabric Town

The fabric district of Tokyo where you can get stuff for clothing, furniture, some leather, threads, buttons, needles and other paraphernalia. A great place to shop for fabrics for kimono robe – the famous Tomato store has some fab ones priced one dollar per meter.


Five minutes and you are lost amid neon lights, voices and music. The district is famous for its electronics and gadget shops – head there for a hi-tech miracle. Hurry-up to buy a fancy toilet with LED-lights or Hello Kitty cell phone before you get a technological overdose.

Oedo Antique Market

Seek and you shall find – that's about this place. If you need a vintage typewriter you’ll get it here but also risk to leave the market with old kimono robes, a pile of posters and a tea set owned by a Japanese granny. The market is funnily located by super trendy Ginza.

Nakano Broadway

A mecca for all fans of Sony PlayStation and its predecessor, Dendy console, as well as manga and anime. This four-floor mall is packed with floppy disks, cartridges, video games and Sailor Moon costumes. A real monument to pre-Twitter times..


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