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Tokyo, Japan

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Eugenia Dorozhkina

Here, in Tokyo, future is coming faster than in other parts of the word – due to its location and creativity of people. Odaiba Island is the major hi-tech hub – walk around to discover various wonders – from a gigantic robot to a supercar place.

Odaiba Island

Odaiba is a man-made trash island – the land of future within the city, hosting the craziest futuristic buildings and all major international shows (including the famous Tokyo Motor Show and Game Show) and a five-meter Gundam robot. This also a traditional meeting point of Tokyo cosplayers.

The most convenient way to get to Odaiba is via Tokyo tele-port station.

Fuji TV Odaiba

This bold futuristic project of the 1990s designed by Kenzo Tange architect is Odaiba's highlight. It reminds of a launch-ready cosmodrome with an alien spaceship prepared to cruise the Universe. The building hosts Fuji TV HQ – sometimes they arrange exhibitions dedicated to popular shows. And the 25th floor has a ball-shaped observation deck – enter it through Fuji TV store. Admission is 550 yen.

Toyota Mega Web

The vast space showcases Toyota's latest achievements: not just cars but accessories and engines as well. Book a test drive to check roads built inside the showroom (you will need international driving license for this). You can also have a look at vintage models exhibited here.

Life Size Gundam

The 18-meter robot statue named after the famous anime character that defended the Earth from his malicious counterparts back in 1979 at 5 pm starts moving its head and steam is spewing from his back. You can even get inside the creature, if you make it through the 8 missions of Gundam Crisis in 8 minutes (the game costs 800 yen). You can get some memorabilia in a Gundam shop and have a snack in Gundam café by the statue.


National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation or Miraikan (Future Museum) as everyone calls it, is a great show of interactive installations on medicine, space and electronics.

Rainbow Bridge

This suspension bridge accumulates the sun heat during the day and then sparkles like a rainbow at night. So, secure a spot in Odaiba around 8 pm. Observation platform by the statue of liberty replica offers the best view on skyscrapers of Shinagawa, Roppongi, the golden pyramid of Tokyo Tower and the mystic purple-green gleaming of Sky Tree.

Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Yurikamome

This new line connecting the bigger Tokyo with the artificial island of Odaiba is so futuristic that attracts crowds of tourists. Better take a ride at night to have a glimpse of the lights of Odaiba and the inside of the bridge – the line has a loop right after the monorail crosses the bridge.


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