The Real Japanese Garden in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

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Anastasia Milovidova

Looking for the secret garden.

Shinjuku Gyouen

This three-in-one park has French, English and Japanese landscape gardens. The latter is the most inspiring one with its faux pond (koi carps go without saying), pine trees and teahouses as if from Hokusai ad Hiroshige prints. The French garden lures with beautifully smelling roses in May and splendid hydrangea in June. Take a mat and a lunch box to make the visit perfect.

Inokashira Park

The entire city loves this park – it offers plenty of stuff to do – you can ride a swan-boat or a plain one (700 or 300 yens for 30 minutes), taste Thai food in Peppermint Café or explore the miracles in Cafe du Lievre, visit a temple, watch animals in the Zoo, admire animation in Ghibli museum and, if you're lucky, buy something on a Sunday market.

Hamarikyu Gardens

An island of serenity and harmony among metal and steel of skyscrapers of Shimbashi business district. Tokyo Bay waters form a lovely pond in the mid of the park with a traditional teahouse opened for visitors. Here two epochs clash – urban modernity and century-old landscapes.

Fuji-Q Highland

This thrill ride park will make you scream – their roller coasters have crazy infinite loops along with the splendid Mount Fuji view. Better visit during the week to skip huge lines.


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