Girl's Day out in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

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Eugenia Dorozhkina

Girls are number one travel heroes in Japan – they climb the mountains, cross the rivers, unwind in onsens, dine out and shop. Tokyo is made for girls' adventures. So our root is twelve hours of all things girly – the triangle of Jiyugaoka, Futako Tamagawa and Shibuya packed with shops, candy and spa – everything a girl needs.

Butler's cafe

Here every girl is a princess pampered by her private butler (just ring a bell) among lace, porcelain and crystal (by the way, it’s fake). The menu is sweet and bliss. Go for Cinderella time if you want to impress others. Here Japanese girls can practice their English with expats, though you can often spot a real princess in pink bouffant skirts.

Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109 mall is the flagship of Tokyo kawaii – nine floors of the cutest of the cute – bunnies, kittens, layers of ruffles, tons of pink. It is the quintessence of Tokyo teen style. Target audience of most stores is school girls and students, so prices are not that high. The stores are densely packed in a narrow building, so it will take you about three hours to see them all. By the way, they sell girls stuff only. 109 men is located closer to Shibuya Station.


This tiny place at Jiyugaoka offers great Shiatsu massage. The staff speaks English – this comes handy when ordering medical services. They also have advance booking via email.
Shiatsu is Japanese massage based on traditional medicine, where illness is thought to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy. Shiatsu therapists use palm pressure to energetic pathways to improve the flow of energy and your well-being.

Sweets Forest

Sweets Forest is a dessert theme-park with eight confectionery stores – so Honeydukes. Wandering around the pink-leaved forest, munch on waffles, ice cream, Japanese and Chinese candy, soufflés and mousse. Paradise for foodie instagrammers. Be ready for huge lines at the end of the day.

Tamagawa Futagobashi

Banks of the Tama River are picnic-perfect with Hyogojima, Tamagawa Futagobashi и Unane parks along them. Chill out on the soft grass in the shadow of Tamagawa Park. It is right by the river so you can walk down to look at stone islands amid the current. In April, admire cherry blossom of tender pink sakura trees in the park’s alleys.


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