Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro

Tokyo, Japan


Eugenia Dorozhkina

Walk to the very end of Sunshine-60 dori to the right and find Tokyu Hands among all-the-same-looking multi-storey shops. It's a really fantastic mall selling the best home and decor stuff ever. Some items are not that handy, like for example, a banana case, but it loos so nice you can't resist buying it. Tokyo Hands is a huge chain so you can find it close to every subway station, but The Ikebukuro location is the best – nine floors of home bliss, and everything here boasts the famous Japanese quality and usability. After shopping go to Floor 9 to stroke a cat in Nekobukuro Cat’s café (600 yen for the pleasure) or take an underground tunnel to Sunshine City mall to carry on shopping.


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