Takeshita dori

Tokyo, Japan


Eugenia Dorozhkina

Beware of aliens!! This small street is ALWAYS packed – people, restaurants and the cheapest clothes in Tokyo. To have an idea of Harajuku Style, picture young Gwen Stefani – multilayered stuff all of different styles, pink or blue hair and nonmatching accessories. If you wear polka dot leggings with a striped skirt – that's your place. Here you can get a couple of stuffed Totoro, a samurai T-shit, a Sailor Moon hoodie and a complete anime lover outfit. Every store is a potential threat to your wallet but it is so nice to hold things with the heroes of your childhood or cuddle a Totoro. Go to Daiso – it is a hyakuen store – a 100 yen shop (in reality everything here cost 108 yens). Even if you are an experienced shopper you will be stunned. Don't get lost and better come during the week or after lunch.


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