Tokyo, Japan

Eugenia Dorozhkina

This town and mountain to the south-west of Fuji is the favorite weekend spot of locals. From October to April they come here to enjoy the view on the legendary peak and bathe in the famous hot springs. Right on the slope you will find a park with bubbling sulphur springs (quite smelly ones) – in one of this inferno wells they even boil eggs. The shell becomes black and even the whites change the color. Some say the taste is not the same either. If you want to carry the odd eggs home, you can take a special cable railroad built to transport them.
Afterwards, don't miss the onsen experience – you have plenty to choose from. Or check the botanical garden, a museum or a theme park with Venetian glass. Enough fun for two days.
To get to the site, buy Odakyu (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2358_008.html) pass – it covers the fare and local transport – buses and a cable ride while your regular JR Card will bring you to Odawara only. Another option is a two-day Japanican pass. (http://www.japanican.com/en/tour/detail/VJF200_/).


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