crisscross OMOTESANDO

Tokyo, Japan


Anastasia Milovidova

Cafe, bakery and restaurant – a new project by the famous Tokyo restaurant company whose venues are known for their interiors and menu. First visit the bakery, my darlings were pistachio cookies but to get coffee you should go to Crisscross – a coffee shop next door. They serve sandwiches and quiches (with a huge bowl of salad) while to have a proper lunch go to CICADA. Here for 1,400-1,600 yens you’ll get a salad and coffee and choose the main course. Five options include sardine and blackcurrant spaghetti or pumpkin puree with saffron risotto and shrimps. At night prices start from Y 2,000 for a party course or share style for 4,000-6,000 per person. Should be ordered in advance.


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