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Rome, Italy

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This route places emphasis on two categories: men clothes store and vintage markets. As for the latest – each of them has its atmosphere and specificity. You can find here anything – from typewriters Olivetti to antique furniture and motorbike helmets.

Porta Portese Flea Market

After breakfast head along the Garibaldi bridge and further to viale Trastevere to Porta Portese market. Probably it is the most famous Sunday market in the city. It is held on a large territory from via Portuense to via Ippolito Nievo. Of course, it is better to come here with someone local, who will be able to show the “right” places. Here you can find absolutely everything: from bed linen, old phones and cutlery to bicycles, vinyl records and houseplants. But please keep in mind that like the majority of Italian markets Porta Portese works from 6 am till 2 pm.

Second-hand shops at via del Governo Vecchio

Return to the center of the city and head to piazza Navona. Then turn to the street of the Old Government - via del Governo Vecchio. Here you will find several second-hand shops. To a large extend all the shops sell almost the same things. In these small, dim shops with freaky sellers you can find old, smelling a bit waxy Barbour jackets, Burberry trench coats that lost their color due to the time, glasses, hats and shoes.

WP Lavori

The way to this shop from via del Governo Vecchio will take approximately 20 minutes. Escape from the curly small streets towards the Tiber river. Then go straight along via di Monte Brianzo that flows into legendary via del Condotti. At the end of the street you see piazza di Spagna. The WP Lavori store is on the left from the square. It is one of the landmark clothes shops in Rome. It might sound strange but WP Lavori was open not so long time ago. The premise of 300 square meters is located close to the famous Spanish Steps. There used to be Sorelle Fontana store – one of the first high fashion brands in Italy. For those who do not actually follow the fashion brands, WP Lavori can be compared to Moscow FOTT. The brand list is alike: Woolrich, Barbour, Yuketen, Barena, Enginereed Garments, Beams+, Nanamica and others.

Stone Island

Even if you are not Stone Island fan, the store of this brand in Rome is worth visiting. It is located on one of the main shopping streets Via del Babuino – several minutes from WP Lavori. The store is arranged very ascetically, what corresponds the brand style. Apart from the main collection, the Shadow Project line is exposed, as well as legendary Ice Jackets. By the way there is a special fridge for them in the store.


It is more than easy to find this store: it is right across the Stone Island store on via del Babuino. Aspesi (the stress is on the first syllable) has been producing the strict minimalist clothes of high quality for more than 50 years. Brand designers continue using traditional silhouettes (for example, legendary military jacket M-65), as well as applying modern materials. The focus is made on the right “tailoring” first of all – it is what made the brand popular. The clothes are quite expensive but it is worth it.


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