Pizzeria Ai Marmi

Rome, Italy


Dmitry Lysenkov

Porta Portese is really a big market. Most likely you will spend there around 2 hours and will definitely feel hunger. It is not a problem at all – near the market, on viale Trastevere you will find my favorite pizzeria Pizzeria Ai Marmi. It is the most strict and simple pizzeria of all I have been to: no funny pictures on the walls, merry Italian music nor smiling waiters. The last time I’ve been there, my order was taken by a grumpy not talkative Neapolitan (almost all workers of pizzeria are from Campania region), and a fatty cashier was quarreling with someone on the phone in the other corner of the place. But pizza here is one of the most delicious in the city. The average bill is 10-12 Euro.


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