1001 nights: Crazy Dancing in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Ira Rozina

Tel Aviv is famous not only for its beaches and delicious foot, but also for its nightlife. Rooftop parties, beach dances, small bars and larger clubs – the fun here is practically non-stop. This route is for party people and those looking for an alternative to electronic music.

The Container

Jaffa port has long become the artists’ attraction. During the day artists open the doors of their studios, musicians rehearse new songs and at night they all can be found in The Containers – a huge loft, bar and art space. So it's great food, music and art in one. They offer new menu practically every day, and don't forget about fresh fish – right from Jaffa fishermen’s nets. At night the place offers concerts, parties and art events.

Mifrats Shlomo Promenade

You will have the best view on the city if you go through HaMidron Garden up to the Mifrats Shlomo Promenade. There you will instantly remember that you are in the middle of an ancient Arab port city – to the left you will see a two-centuries old Mahmud mosque, and cannons of border patrol of the Ottoman empire facing the sea on the promenade itself.

Anna Loulou Bar

Located in the heart of Jaffa Old Town, Anna Loulou bar welcomes party animals of various social strata, sexual preferences and nationalities. Kitsch retro interior, oriental music and people doing something like belly-dancing make it a right place to get into gear before a Moroccan wedding.


This Georgian bar offers traditional Georgian and Israeli food and at night they have super funky bartop dancing. Phali on the menu means all appetizers so you'll get a huge platter with pickled kohlrabi, dolma, spicy beetroot and eggplant with nuts. As for drinks go for Borjomi mineral water and their homemade wine. And try their lamb with pear and carrots

Port Said

Situated opposite from an impressive synagogue, Port Said will greet you like a loving Jewish mother, meaning you won’t leave it hungry or sober. The cooking is under command of a celebrity Israeli chef Eyal Shani. Excellent music is a nice bonus – the local DJs play vinyls from a large collection that you’ll see on the shelves.
From the early evening the place is crowded and they have menu only in Hebrew, therefore it is vitally important to attract the attention of a friendly, but terribly busy waiter and receive his recommendations as soon as possible.


Uganda’s alternative air attracts trendy folks, while quality music makes them come here over and over again. Do try their house lager. They also sell comic book and vinyl here.


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