Shopping in Shenkin Street and its surroundings

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Ira Rozina

Despite the fact that this small street is crammed between bourgeois Rothschild Boulevard and noisy, scruffy Allenby Street, it is full of interesting stores and cafes. Each of them is worth visiting. Our route combines the best places in Shenkin Street and its surroundings.


One of the best cafes in Tel-Aviv with simple but really delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The menu mostly consists of salads, sandwiches and coffee. Sheleg occupies a renovated building of the 20s, with large windows and mosaics on the floor. It is a popular meeting point with creative community of the neighborhood and also a great place for breakfast or a light snack before dinner at about 7 p.m. (or 4 p.m. in winter) during that beautiful sunset.

Not For Sale

Founders of this small Not For Sale store wished to create some kind of European-Berlin spirit. They bring small batches of clothes from Europe and Japan – a couple of each item. Here you will find unisex jeans, numerous men’s t-shirts by Le coc sportiff, Wood Wood, Rhytm, and Cuckoo, spotted shirts by Tel Aviv designer Adam Gefen, and also a small collection for women by Adidas Originals.


Cala is one of a cheap Israeli women's clothing brand. Although items are almost unique, for batches are usually rather small. Here you will find colorful sweaters, dresses, blouses, and short-waisted swimsuits which combine modern prints and feminine vintage.


I'm actually not a Body Shop or Lush organic cosmetic girl but Sabon was love at first smell of their body lotion. Sometimes I don't even wear perfume and enjoy its lavender scent all day. Their shop on Shenkin Street reminds of a hot bath with vanilla foam, peach salt and coconut oils.


One can easily confuse Badim with a textile store – in Hebrew it means ‘fabric’ (yeah, Israelis love simple names). This cute little store is all about materials – it sells T-shirts and dresses of light cotton. However there is another reason to see the place – to see light colorful scarves, bright embroidered pillows, and thin bracelets-ropes. All in all – a great place to buy presents.

Orna & Ella

A nice home-like place where people come for a filling breakfast and a nice chat and stay for hours. For breakfast they serve delicious home made Italian pasta, sweet potato pancakes and fresh pastry and have different menu mostly every day. Better book in advance – people love it for yummy food and affordable prices.


One of my faves in Sheinkin. I love everything about it – window design (once it was a library with beautiful shoes among books). Go there for tapestry-printed oxfords, silicon Melissa, creatively cut dresses and my personal passion – men's pullovers with super bold colorful T-shirts.

Organic Market

The majority Israelis, especially Tel Aviv residents, carefully look after their health, and simply adore organic products. Therefore you can see organic stores all over the city. Organic Market is a nice place to purchase mouthwatering souvenirs. Try silan – date syrup of several kinds (e.g. with hazelnuts). Or almond paste: you can add it to smoothies or just put it on a slice of bread.


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