Party Hard: the wildest parties in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

6 places

Lyoka Ledenyova

Tel Aviv is Israel's party destination number one with its bars, clubs for any taste.

Galina Dance Bar

A popular club with radio hits and house. Girls can enter if they are over 23 and boys – 24. The seaside location makes it such a fun to dance in the open air with sea view. The place gets quite packed every night.

Comfort 13

A lovely place with music and parties for every taste – pop, reggae, dubstep, trans, house and sometimes even queer parties. One of Tel Aviv's biggest and oldest clubs, it has dance floors on two storeys. Prices are quite high – 50-70 shekels.

Radio EPGB

I love this NYC-inspired bar-club for great dancing. It's funky and hip even for underground parties. Their music is perfect and folks inside – trendy and stylish. The interior is also cool – graffiti and wood.

Levontin 7

Number one attraction for musicians be they aspiring boys bands or famous overseas performers. Atmosphere in the audience is nice and friendly, music is always live and there are no barriers – you can have a dinner with a performer after the gig. Once my friend managed to get on stage after something similar happened to him. Despite all this fascinating experience tickets are more than affordable.

The Block

One of Tel Aviv's biggest clubs has recently been renovated and can boast the best sound in town. It's home to electro parties frequented by local and overseas DJs. The best time to come is Thursdays and Fridays. No free admission, better get tickets in advance.

The Breakfast Club and Milk Bar

The trendiest, craziest and hottest club in Tel Aviv – gallons of booze, mad dancing, flirt, bathroom sex and the best DJs will make your night. The bar opens around 9 but all the fun begins no earlier than 1 am. Get some cocktails in Armadillo or Blaumlich nearby – warm up before the real heat. The entrance is always packed but stylish tourists enjoy a free pass. Those who don't get in have their outdoor party, while inside you'll see blue brick walls, green sofas, vinyl and posters (including Stalin and Dali) as well as gold-framed paintings. Put your sexiest outfit on and dive into the madness.


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