Informal Tel Aviv: searching for surfers and graffiti artists

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Ira Rozina

Bars, beaches, stores, and street art – these are the keywords for the route to shabby yet still very attractive, different Tel Aviv.

Jin-G Streetwear

The store was open by fans of art, surfing, and skateboarding. It houses such brands as HUF, Stussy and Cravis, and also its private label – Jin-G. The main idea of the store was to create a clothing line in response to the Middle East conflict, and also as a reflection of unique local culture combined with individual style, thoughts, and beliefs of the designers. It’s hard to say whether these T-shirts, shorts, and baseball caps fight for peace, but anyway they look nice.


Capzoola store offers everything a street artist can possibly need (including spray paint in 120 different tones). The owner – Lalo – occasionally exhibits the most interesting works. Come by to get a can of paint for future creations or simply to meet art school students, graffiti artists, and painters to discuss most interesting subjects.

The Drummers Beach

The Drummers' beach or Dolphinuarium, is located near what used to be a large dolphin tank but has since become a nightclub. Its northern part is very calm and relaxing, while the southern one has a surfing club that offers lots of activities. On Fridays there is a gathering of drummers open to all who want to join. Apart from music, juggling, dancing, Capoeira and many other talents are displayed. The ambience is free and happy and the place is loved by young people who have just returned from tours across Asia or South America. There is a genuine feeling of community even though it’s just TGIF celebration.


A small and charming neighborhood named after Florentine Street lying in its center. Its locals are nice and friendly, bars open all night and the air filled with a-great-party vibe.

Hoodna Bar

The place resembles Berlin Friedrichshain with its variegated tables, chairs, sofas and chairs, placed on the street, careless waiters, young fashionistas as visitors and relatively low prices. Apart from live music, Hoodna hosts all kinds of events – from film screenings and video art to sales of works by young Israeli designers. Casual setting, owners chatting with the visitors, and street parties – everything is nice and easy. The place is crowded even during important games. You can sense special Florentine atmosphere in its rather small hall.

Frenkel 13

People come to this small underground bar to listen to the music and to play Ping-Pong. DJs usually play techno and electro. One of the owners – Billy, easily recognizable by his mustache – plays Ping-Pong pretty well, so better start training right away.


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