Best Israeli designers and jewelry-makers

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Lyoka Ledenyova

Israeli design is often crazy but very beautiful and of top quality. Check our selection of the best clothes and jewelry.

Maya Shalev

Sometimes I visit this leather goods place. Maya makes leather bags, wallets, belts, suspenders, hair bands and key chains herself – her workshop is behind the goods so you can watch the process.

Ronen Chen

Here you can stuff from one of the most famous Israeli designers – Ronen Chen. The clothes range from nice dating dresses to office-style shirts, skirts and jackets. Collections are practical and comfy and feminine and tender at the same time.

Maya Bash

I guess there's no need to introduce Maya Bash to most of you, guys. This Israeli designer of Russian origin creates extremely comfortable clothes made of the subtlest fabrics, which boast simple but orginal fit. Maya is popular in Tel Aviv and Moscow as well as in Berlin and Tokyo. The store at 13 Barzilay is the designer's studio at the same time, a place full of inspiration where all her collections are created.

Naama Bezalel

The vintage kingdom with granny sweaters from the 1940s, very feminine dresses of the 1950s and new look skirts of the 1960s is a girl's paradise. Colors are bold – from juicy red to deep navy blue, but you can find some pastel dresses, light and tender. Prices are high fashion but their Dizengoff outlet has some 50 percent off classics.

Maya Negri

Maya Negri is an Israeli designer famous for her clothes and accessories. She doesn't chase fashion trends, the highlights are minimalist design, airy silhouettes, quality natural fabrics and high prices. You won't find anything colourful here – most things are monochrome – black, gray, beige or brown.

Daniela Lehavi

Simple and basic, this shop doesn't make you admire interiors – only its elegant bags of fine and soft leather. The things are pricey but absolutely worth it. All bags are really functional with plenty of pockets. They also sell great wallets, belts and even hats. Staff is nice, helpful and unimposing.

Ronit Jewelry

Ronit Jewelry is a family-run jewelry shop with minimalist interior and delicate hand-made decorations. The jewelry design perfectly matches Ronit's motto, which is “Stay close to nature” – the lines seem random, they are assymetric, the surfaces are not always smooth and polished.

Comme il Faut

Comme il Faut is an independend brand selling women's clothes and accessories invented by two friends back in 1988. The shop's raison d'être is promoting feminism and expanding women's rights and opportunities. The company currently employs 60 women and just 4 men. Apart from clothes and accessories, you will find a women-friendly sexshop called Sisters and eco cosmetics. The prices are rather high since the shop owners are against consumerism and guarantee that all their clothes will serve you for a long time. Besides, you can return your old clothes to the shop – it occasionally hosts second-hand sales.

Ayala Bar Jewelry

Ayala Bar rings, earrings and pendants combine art deco mosaics and Middle Eastern bright colours. Ayala uses a variety of materials, from pearls, velvet and metal to fabric, beads and even antique latten. The result is always unique, which however can be worn only by those who are not afraid of colourful clothes.


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