The best Israeli wine, shots and spirits

Tel Aviv, Israel

11 places

Lyoka Ledenyova

Israelis gave the world lots of useful stuff: they invented ICQ, flash drives, antivirus and a chaser – a shot to drink after beer. Tel Aviv also has great cocktails and wines – taste them in the bars from our selection.


The place is a real hit. Every night it's packed and the music is great – a perfect week-end choice for those looking for some fun and sound.

English Pub

This Allenby place is almost by the sea – nothing special from outside but a perfect bar-pub inside. Welcoming staff, a good selection of drinks and a pool. They have plenty of offers and discounts – check with bartenders, who are almost all of Russian origin.


Its name hints at a lovely time with your gang – beer, fun and unity. Sometimes everyone gets free pizza during big sports events.


The letters stand for More Alcohol Served Here (M.A.S.H.) and there no exaggeration. This sports bar has a huge screen for football or curling fans and some great beet to spend a night in a good company.

Norma Jean

Name after the iconic Hollywood diva this bar offers 20 beers – bottled or on tap brought from all over the world. The best thing about the place is free tasting before you find the one and only so it's a good chance to become a beer fan. I wouldn’t call their service fantastic but who actually cares after a couple of pints and some great food.


A very old bar on Allenby where I hang out when I was under 21. They have good beer on tap, simple yummy food and relaxed atmosphere. It's also cheap with a nice old school vibe for all ages – Tel Aviv folks in their forties and young Europeans. Sometimes you can spot a freak but the place is fun.

Satchmo Bar

Satchmo is one of the best places in town. It a bar par excellence - dimmed lights, awesome DJ and a great rock and alternative selection. The location is in the trendy Florentin neighborhood with a very special vibe – everybody here is friends or you can easily make new ones or even fall in love with bartenders - as it happened to me.

Dizzy Frishdon

This huge bar looks so quiet during the week but turns into a bustling joint when week end comes. Crowds are lured by coffee and pastry, beer and their famous appetizers. Dizzy has bars both inside and outside so the weather can't spoil your night.

Mike's Place

This chain is spread all across the country. Its owner used to be a photojournalist and once decided to open a bar in Jerusalem, which looked like a living room in his place. This family-like atmosphere was well preserved in his new locations where you can meet all kids of folks travelers, exchange students, Russian immigrants, Arabs, Jews, Christians. Like at any house party they talk music, buy one another beer and are super positive. And music is always live – usually a blend of blues and rock'n'roll.

Molly Bloom's

Tel Aviv's first traditional Irish pub opened some 10 years ago and its amazingly authentic – serves lots of different Irish beers, whiskey and food – shepherd's pie, sausages and stew like in Dublin. And don't forget about Molly’s hubby – Leo Bloom's was opened four years later but who cares about Joyce when one has some great Guinness?

Lima Lima Bar

This lovely bar has music for everyone – week ends are chart toppers time, Sunday is for quiet live music, Monday – gay parties, Tuesday – time for some hip-hop and reggae fans are welcomed Wednesday. You can chill on their sofas with a sweet cocktail or Latin dance by the bar. Their food and backyard with the fountain are also worth checking.


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