Tel Aviv: an ideal summer Friday

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Katia Shepeliavaya

Israeli weekend begins Friday – have a good nap, then breakfast with your friends, fool around some shops, go to the beach, have a beer, a family dinner, watch a movie and end the day in a bar or club. Just relax and do it slowly. And if you substitute family dinner with a restaurant, the day will be just perfect.


The place resembles a typical NYC deli, where one can get cheeses, sausages, freshly baked bread, pasta and spices or order a sandwich. Delicatessen owners added a cafe and a restaurant with different menus for each part of the day – so you are welcome any time to have a bite or a coffee and cake. The interiors are European with flowers sold per kilo and other gems like fresh camembert, brie, goat and sheep cheeses, salami, pastrami, ham and pickles. Their best breakfast is called Delicatessen, you can order it for two and go outside, as locals do. Fridays and Sats they offer brunch – morning menu plus hot courses and booze. And don’t forget to buy some takeaway for a weekend picnic in a deli.

Zur Alon jewelry studio

Zur Alon is an experienced jeweler working in a naive style. His stuff reminds of archeological finds, while the maker himself says he was equally inspired by Oriental temples and European museums. You can find his stores all across Israel as well as in France, the US and Australia.

Primitive gallery

Primitive gallery’s goal was to show locals what Oriental furniture and interiors are. They sell unique handmade crafts along with contemporary designs – furniture, lamps, photos and pottery. Have a look even if you don’t fancy Oriental stuff or Japanese minimalism – all items have been thoroughly selected.


Thirteen photographers opened the gallery to get some free space of their own to showcase and sell their works.Tel Aviv has several galleries of this kind founded by artists who crave freedom and independence.

The Third Ear

The Third Ear is an old chap – it was opened in the late 1980s, has moved several times and now takes two floors in King George Street. The first floor offers movie rentals, sells CDs, vinyl and DVD and has a cafe. The second floor hosts a bar and a club with live music. The place is a legend as the second generation is being brought up on movies and music one can find only here as they always have the most extraordinary and exclusive stuff. If the thing you need is missing, ask the staff and they will find and order it. Concerts featuring local and visiting musicians are held daily.


This fish place got its name after its owner’s dear dog and s is the best spot to eat seafood, oysters and sashimi. Chef Sharon Cohen cooks of fresh ingredients only and handpicks them himself every morning. He also keeps the spirits up in the kitchen (sometimes with the help of spirits from the bar). A great option for a dinner with friends.

Tel Aviv cinematheque

This is all movie lovers' darling. They always show the latest releases and oldies as well as documentaries, cartoons and films for kids on Saturdays. Every spring they arrange Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival. Frequenters are lovely and quiet – the place has no pop corn counters so movies are watched in silence.


This Spanish bar was opened 12 years ago and is all about tapas and fresh fish ceviche. Try to find a spot by a big bar counter in the center that is usually packed and pick a wine (they have plenty Spanish stuff). Light music will not disturb your talk but rather make for filling the pauses.


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