Bars and antiques: flea market in Jaffa

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Ira Rozina

Jaffa flea market has long become more than an Arab bazaar. Relatively low housing prices attracted a lot of Israeli youth to the neighborhood. That’s why the place is full of bars, trendy shops, and restaurants. This route covers the best outlets in the area.

Jaffa Flea

The most picturesque flea in Tel Aviv with old stuff from Europe – ancient rarities brought here by locals, some good old VHS on the pavements, leather bags, satin purses (hello from the last century), vinyl, shoes, jewelry, silk nighties of someone’s granny, old cameras, music instruments and piles of other things smelling of cardamom and being sold by swearing Arab vendors. The place is opened Sundays through Fridays from 8 to 7.


Puah is an adorable café open in the times of authentic Arab bazaar free of bars, restaurants and boutique stores. All the tables, chairs and even curtains were bought right here, in this flea market, and then carefully restored. There were the times when visitors could buy any item in the café: all the chairs and tables had price labels on them. But not anymore. However the café still features that relaxed, casual atmosphere, and simple but really tasty food. Don't forget that the café, as well as the market, is unbelievably crowded on Fridays.

Sharon Brunsher

In contrast to flaming colors of the flea market which houses the store, Sharon's clothes are made in black, white and grey colors only. Neat, minimalist style models make you feel calm and fresh after all these vibrant colors and a storm of emotions of the flea market.


The first thing you see when you enter Zielinski&Rozen Studio is millions of identical flasks with cute hand-signed labels. All of them contain different perfumes, which Erez the charismatic owner will use to create a unique scent especially for you. But at first you’ll have to smell dozens of flavors and choose the ones you love best. A small bottle of perfume costs about 190 shekels. Erez will also offer you fragrant creams and even an odorless one. The latter can be mixed with that special perfume you composed for yourself. The store is closed on Saturdays, but you can always call Erez and ask him to open it for you at the weekend.

Shafa bar

Cozy and super-friendly bar in the heart of the bustling flea market in Jaffa. At first Shafa was a peculiar beauty salon, which subsequently got itself a bar nearby. The bar offers mouthwatering food, fine live music, street parties, and Sudanese-style birthday parties. There is a piano in the middle of the room.

Casino San Remo

Neither casino nor San-Remo, but a great place: a café during the day and a trendy bar with fine music and simple eastern food in the evening. Waitresses wear bandannas and t-shirts with images of old rock’n’roll bands. The audience is appropriate. The place often hosts various events – from parties to testing of world cuisines and t-shirt sales. Come by in the evening, make yourself comfortable on a terrace, and enjoy light breeze from a small fountain on the square opposite the café.


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