A fit day in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Katia Shepeliavaya

Winter is over and you can get fit and some sun outdoors – work out or tan. If you are brave enough – take a swim – the average water temperatures in spring don't rise above 20C.

Tikva Juice

A woman named Tikva has her juice stand at the corner of Carmel Market and Rambam Street and all locals go to her for their fresh juices. Just tell her what your trouble is and she will make a healing combination or if everything is fine a yummy treat to start your day with.

Banana Beach

The beach was nicknamed after a nearby café, which is always packed but always has a seat for a sun-stricken tourist. The place is loved by young families and folks in their 30-40s for its panorama and basic facilities – they come to read or play Matkot a popular paddle ball game similar to beach tennis. And at night Banana Beach Cafe sets up huge screens showing free movies and sports – it's so nice to watch a US classics of the 1980s listening to the sea and sipping a sweet cocktail; the food is great and prices quite affordable for a location like this.

Gordon Beach

The Gordon Beach is one of the cleanest and nicest spots in Tel Aviv frequented by all kinds of folks – local old men doing their morning exercise, tourists from nearby hotels and chilling youngsters.
The beach is clean and pleasant and not overcrowded on weekdays, but on weekends it's quite a different story. The beach is almost bursting with parties, music from the bar and people lining for ice cream. They rent affprdable lounge chairs and umbrellas but you can chill on a towel by the sea. They have one-shekel bathroom.You can join volleyball players or go to the Gordon Swimming pool is a lovely non-sea option in the area and a inseparable of Tel Aviv's summer culture. The water in the pool is salty, so you won't even know the difference from the sea :) The beach is opened till 6-7 pm.


You can call this grab’n’go chain a gourmet fast food, which means top quality products and original menu. They have awesome bread, yummy goat cheese, smoked salmon, tuna, asparagus, artichokes, natural ice cream and salads – everything super fresh. It's a great place to have a bite or take away sandwiches with coffee and juice to arrange a picnic later.

Farmers' Market in the port

The Farmers' Market was started by Michal Ansky, a famous local gastronomist who was the first one to promote organic food in Israel. The market boasts a variety of cheeses, organic fruits, vegetables and wines, as well as olives, tahini and khalva. Have you ever seen a purple carrot? The farmers' market offers carrots in four different colours! If you happen to be near the port on Friday, do visit the market - it gets twice as big!

Hayarkon Park

Locals come to this biggest park in the city to jog, cycle, picnic or rent a boat to sail across the river. Among other entertainments are trampolines and bouldering. Or you can just relax on a lawn with a book – they have the cactus, stone and tropical gardens, Zapari birds zoo and an area with deer.

Pasta Fiori

Here you can find fresh made pasta: ravioli, spaghetti and other sorts only Italians can distinguish. Everything is handmade on the spot – just pick what you like, add a sauce or a salad and sandwich. They also have wine, espresso and Italian pastry. Or you can take a box of pasta home – it is weighed on the spot – no chance you will find anything that yummy anywhere else.


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