Yemenite Vineyard

Tel Aviv, Israel

Mathias Vitturi

I love this Yemeni neighborhood at the outskirts of Tel Aviv – founded in 1903 by immigrants from Yemen it is so lovely with its narrow streets and small houses. The neighborhood was neglected for many years and the authorities started to fix it up only in the early 90's. Since then many buildings have been renovated and the water and sewage systems restored this area is becoming very popular. Low-rise houses overlooking the sea and the proximity to the market make it a perfect rental; the prices are still quite low but are climbing up all the time. Walking around enjoy the Yemenite cuisine – Medina restaurant is a nice one. Try their meat soup, which is generously seasoned with traditional Yemenite spices or jachnun – rolled sticks of dough of white flower, butter, salt, sugar in the family-run Jachnun Shel Imа.


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