Bike Rentals

Tel Aviv, Israel

Lyoka Ledenyova

Tel Aviv joined the European bike-the-city family about a year ago. Now, you can take a vehicle at one station and leave at another one, riding across the entire city. The price is 14 NIS during the week and 20 for the weekend. They also offer weekly or annual plans (60 or 280 NIS (Tel Aviv residents have a 40-shekel discount). First 30 minutes are free so you can do a trick – give the bike back, wait for 10 minutes, take another and ride along the boardwalk.
One hour ride costs just 5 NIS and keep the receipt – any violation or extra time means money withdrawn from your credit card and fines can reach up to 45,000 NIS. All information about the service is available on This new cheap and convenient service hit the competitors but those who have no credit card or want a lovely cruiser not a copycat green rental bike should go to HaYarkon – they offer cool bikes with baskets for 35-55 NIS and you should bring them back by 7 pm.


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