Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv, Israel


Lyoka Ledenyova

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is Israel’s largest art museum and forum. Its complex has three buildings housing six art departments and though it seems funny to compare it to Pompidou, MoMA or Tate Modern it actually shows the works of both Israeli and international artists including impressionism and post-impressionism. Permanently on display are the works of such masters Cezanne, Chagall, Dali, Monet, Henri Moore, Auguste Rodin, Picasso, Klimt and Kadinsky. You can also see representatives of all major art schools and philosophies of the early 20th century – fauvism, constructivism, cubism, futurism and surrealism. In 1950, the Museum received 36 works donated by Peggy Guggenheim Collection, including Pollock, Baziotes, Pousette-Dart, Matta and Masson. The venue also offers plenty of concerts, lectures, workshops and educational programs. So even if the purpose of your visit is the sun and the sea spare an hour or two at Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech – Tuesdays and Thursdays the Museum is opened till 10 pm.


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