Neve Tsedek, Jaffa and The Peres Center for Peace

Tel Aviv, Israel


Mathias Vitturi

Neve Tzedek was built by Jewish settlers some 1,000 years ago and now you can feel this small provincial city vibe with narrow streets and small near houses. Then comes Jaffa which is worth a couple of hours of your time – admire the view from the hill in the south, then go down to the old port and take a lovely path up once again to be stunned by the view. A perfect place for a romantic Mediterranean sunrise or sunset. One of the landmarks will be The Peres Peace House – the glass-and-concrete creation of the renowned Italian architect Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas turned into life by Israeli architect Yoav Messer. This outstanding building between a mosque and an old Arab cemetery was founded by the then president Shimon Peres, the oldest Israeli politician and Nobel Peace Prize grabber of 1994. Among other facilities the center has an auditorium, a library, a media center and a bar.


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