Tel Aviv, Israel


Katia Shepeliavaya

The famous Israeli chef Eyal Shani was the first to blend street food and haute cuisine. That's how his Menzon cafe in Gabirol Street appeared and immediately became a hit. It is so popular as, first of all, it's a great chance to taste Shani's food for quite a moderate price and second it's super duper yummy. His first method was simple: put everything from a good restaurant menu in a pita – shrimps, steak, fried liver with pears, even chocolate banana. The pita itself is delicious, they make it on the spot. The new King George location, however, has stuffed pita variations as well as lots of fish options. Some of them are served on cardboard plates. And don’t forget about Eyal’s trademark whole baked cauliflower, which he makes in the oven. Now Tel Aviv has three Meznon locations and one has recently opened in Paris.


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