Buddha Burgers

Tel Aviv, Israel

Lyoka Ledenyova

Mainly all Tel Aviv eateries are vegan-friendly but the best spot is at Yehuda Halevi. The place is 100% eco-friendly: stools are made of old pipes, walls are made of old olive oil tin boxes, and chairs are decorated with old newspapers. And this actually looks stylish and pretty. They offer good karma and great food filling even for meat-eaters. They serve no meat, dairy or egg products – only soy but you’ll love. The best is their all-you-cat-eat buffet - you just chose the size of the plate and stuff it with everything – from fresh veggies to unknown deserts. I failed to guess what I was eating except for baked potatoes. But this only adds to the overall impression. The menu is in English and Hebrew and so detailed you can get confused.


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