Alma Beach

Tel Aviv, Israel

Lyoka Ledenyova

Maybe the most quiet and the nicest beach of them all – the last Tel Aviv beach which in the south gives way to Jaffa ones. I love chilling on the sand under the midday sun and watching the old port of towers of Jaffa. The beach is very clean and wild – no gear rent or even a life guard, so swimming is not allowed (waves are too strong). In the morning it's occupied by yogis, during the day surfers come and in the evening Arab families have their BBQ. Right by the beach you'll find the famous Manta Ray seafood place where for 13 NIS you can get eggplants with cheese, sardines with thina or salmon tartar with home baked bread. Put it on the mat with cocktails from The Kiosk and plunge into Mediterranean nirvana.


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