Széchenyi fürdő

Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

A magnificent Széchenyi bathhouse built in Neo-baroque style is located in the City Park Pesta. Széchenyi was a count, patron of the arts and city's benefactor. Half of the city seems to be built on his money. When the Austro-Hungarian Empire was moving towards the decline, the baths reflected the then size of the country. Fifteen thermal pools with water of different temperatures, ten saunas and steam-sections, and three open-air heated pools are open all year round and are visited by hundreds of guests daily. The baths are fed by a 1,246 m depth spring. Magic water is promised to cure any illnesses including rheumatism, arthritis, gastritis, stomach ulcer, gout and so much else that the baths are packed to the gills. It is better to come here early in the morning or, as locals do, after 7pm, when some of the baths are closed but several pools, saunas and steam sections remain open. At this time you are eligible for discount.


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