Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue

Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

Kazinczy Street is home to the funkiest bars, kosher restaurants, the Orthodox synagogue and a mikveh ritual pool next to Szimpla ruin pub. All this makes for a harmonic mix in Budapest's Jewish quarter.
The 1913 synagogue is the most impressive building in the street. The splendid art nouveau facade has recently been renovated and now nothing reminds of the decline faced by the area not so long ago. Together with the buildings on the corner of Kazinczy and Wesselényi Streets the synagogue form the real Jewish community fortress – a spacious hall for prayers, a smaller hall, a school, a mikveh, two kosher restaurants, a butcher shop and houses of Orthodox Jews. On shabbat when all doors are opened you can look at the patio garden.
The main hall of the synagogue is sparkling in blue, green and gold filled with the light streaming through stained glass.
The entrance ticket also includes a tour offer (in English)a kippah for men and a shawl for girls to cover bare shoulders.


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