Nagy Vasarcsarnok

Budapest, Hungary


Maxim Bakos

The idea of Nagycsarnok, a major market hall in the united city (prior to 1873, Buda, Pest and Óbuda were separate cities), was suggested by the first mayor of Budapest. A prominent architect Samu Pecz was hired to work on the project that required huge investment. The red brick building with a roof having colorful Zsolnay tiling was erected in 1897 and has been since one of the most important trade places in the city. The area of the building covered with a fine steel structure is more than 10,000 square meters. You will find here stalls with vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, tokaji, sausages, cheese, spices, paste, bread, fresh and dry paprika, clothes and etc. Visit the place in the morning, go to the second floor and have breakfast of bean soup or goulash with a sausage. Then go shopping and buy wine for a dinner, foie gras and paprika and fresh bread with cheese to take out with you. You may also just walk this wonderful market and watch the citizens buy food from time-proven salesmen. Fish and seafoods are on the second floor.


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