Memento park

Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

As far back as 1990s all Soviet monuments were collected here. In this combination they look like a parody on the Soviet regime. For some reason, the park creators covered the ground with white chippings that reflect the sunlight right into your eyes, which causes tears (maybe it is a conceptual idea?). So, don't forget your sunglasses. Without them Marx, Engels, Lenin and other proletarians will not create the right impression.

Trolleybuses 70, 71 and 72 are still circling Budapest. They were launched on the 70th anniversary of Stalin's birth, which explains their numbers. Near the Heroes' square stood a magnificent monument to Stalin. During the unrest in October 1956, the crowd rushed to the monument to tie ropes and pull it down. Only huge boots are still standing in Memento park. The only thing that remained from the gigantic Stalin.


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