Budapest, Hungary

Anastasia Chukovskaya

Margaret Island on the Danube has a territory of a city district and serves as a central city park. Many centuries ago, Saint Margaret took solemn vow here. That was the price of liberating Hungary from Mongols. King Béla IV asked divine intercession for making his daughter a nun, and both Béla IV and God kept their word.
The foundation of the 13th century Dominican nunnery can still be seen today at the quay on Pest side. The quay has a running track zigzaging all over the island. People go on picnics, stroll with their children and simply relax in a quiet atmosphere and greenery of Margit-sziget. Busts of prominent Hungarians may be found every here and there amidst trees and bushes. There is a big olympic pool, thermal springs and a small zoo on Buda side. In the middle of the island, an Art Nouveau water tower stands serving as an observation site. Hotels for those who like calm lifestyle are located on the north side. You can rent a bicycle near the entrance by Margit bridge. This is the perfect way to travel the island and enjoy its sights. You can also walk to the island (not far from the centre) or take tram 4 and 6 to Margit-sziget station.


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