Levendula Kézműves Fagylaltozó

Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

In front of the central market hall you may find home-made ice-cream with very rare and saturated tastes: wild berries with rocket salad, plum with cinnamon, gorgonzola, tihany camembert, candy fig, raspberries with mint, bilberries with basilica and many others. The assortment is changed every week, but you can always try an ice-cream with Balaton lavender called Lavendula. The menu offers ice-cream with white chocolate and lavender, pure lavender, lemon lavender or milk shake with lavender. Ice-cream is made here only from natural ingredients based on mineral water Szentkirályi from a spring near Kecskemét. Sometimes you have to wait for your ice cream cornet for 20 minutes if the weather is hot.


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