Kazinczy utca

Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

Kazinczy utca is a nightlife centre in the middle of the Jewish quarter. The street runs amidst kosher stalls and synagogues. It was named after the great Hungarian educator and nobleman Ferenc Kazinczy. The street has hardly preserved its atmosphere of patriarchal and imperial Hungary. In the evenings, crowds of walkers stroll through former ghetto ruins, newly built houses, renovated mansions, open-air and ruin pubs, clubs and restaurants. The place is very noisy, and any attempts to calm down the jolly crowd fail. If locals don't sleep, nobody will. Elderly women on the second floor often pour icy water on those who start drunk singing and who can't control themselves anymore.

Bar hopping means changing several bars per one night. This is a must-program for those who want to see the city life in its fullness. Start from Szimpla, a famous ruin pub which preserved a genuine atmosphere of a ramshackle house. Have a simple and tasty dinner with Slovak beer in Yellow Zebra Bar or try fusion cuisine in Kőleves. Watch a concert in Mika Tivadar or Kirakat, drink a cocktail in Méter. Visit each place, you will certainly find something suitable for you. During the last few years, activists have been trying to make the street pedestrian, so don't be surprised if someone asks you to sign a petition.


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