Gellért Hill

Budapest, Hungary

Maxim Bakos

Gellért Hill opposing royal hills of Buda and overlooking the Danube is located on Buda side. In the 11th century, pagans put poor St. Gerard in a barrel and rolled him down from top of the hill after he came to baptize them. During the Turkish occupation (16th-18th century), Gellért sanctuary was on top of this hill. Later on, a stronghold was built here in 1851 when the throne was occupied by the Habsburgs. In 1956, the city was fired from the hill. Canons from the Second World War remind of those dramatic events. Apart from that, Gellért is a wonderful park with paths ascending and zigzaging to the top of the hill, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and eight bridges across the Danube. Nothing can spoil it, even endless souvenir kiosks and tourists. The best way is to take this stronghold by assault. Climb the staircase and ascend the paths leading from Gellért baths on one side and from St. Gerard monument and Erzsébet bridge on the other. You can also use a car and drive to the stronghold.


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