Anker House

Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

A proudly and even arrogantly looking yellow house Anker köz was built in 1907 by a Hungarian architect Ignác Alpár. That was the first block of flats in Budapest constructed to order of the Vienna Insurance Company Anker. The company wanted to emphasize their success and power, as well as to suit all tastes. This is why you can find various style elements on the building: classic, gothic and art nouveau.

The facade features Dorian columns, pediments and domes. In order to emphasize the symbolism of insurance business, the architects were asked to install two women figures on the roof with widely stretched arms, reminding that time quickly goes by. The facade also includes the company's symbol, the anchor, as a proof for reliability and security of Anker insurance business.

Ignác Alpár constructed a gigantic pyramid on the roof, giving food for talk to the citizens. At the top of the pyramid, an eagle holds a globe. In 1941, the municipal government decided that such a pompous and bright building was an eyesore. The towers and obelisks were to be demolished. Towers survived because the war started.

During the war, the building suffered severe damage and underwent repairs only at the end of 1950s. Today, the structure again needs renovation. The residents act proactively hoping that city's authorities will repair the building at the budget expense. They write open letters about plaster caving in and do not allow parking near Anker köz. However, they fail to calm down the youngsters hanging out under their windows on the central square of Budapest.


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