Budapest Bike - Bubi

Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

In April 2014, a public bike program Bubi was launched in Budapest. Bike rent stations are spreading the city. It is planned to provide 76 stations for 1100 bikes.

The first half hour is free. A 24-hour pass costs HUF 500, a year pass - HUF 18 900. However, the system is not that simple, since there are a bunch of tariffs and conditions. When renting a public bike, your card will be charged a deposit of HUF 25 000. Bikers must follow traffic rules and are not allowed to drive pavements. You should also have a reflective stripe on your clothes, so that motorists could see you. It is not allowed to consume alcohol in Hungary if you are going to drive. So if you want to ride a bike, you have to be absolutely sober. Each station has the city's parking map. While the system is being improved, you can buy a Bubi pass in the office at Rumbach Sebestyen utca 19-21 in Pesta or just use the website.


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