Budapest, Hungary


Anastasia Chukovskaya

ANKER’T is a hidden from the eyes bar in a quiet street. It is located in a haunted house with empty and dark window openings looking out on two courtyards from ragged brick walls. Instead of a traditional for a ruin pub collection of trash (like in Szimpla), minimalism prevails here. You will find here crossed shining fluorescent lamps and tree tubs. Some walls are whitened, some are left as they are. The floor under the big black writing 'beach' is covered with sand. Above all this, on the balcony hangs ANKER’T logo - white letter A between vertical lines. Everything is done in a single style, which makes ANKER’T one of the most visually attractive bars in the city. It's design is, however, not the main peculiarity. An extensive alcohol menu, refreshers and vast space attract crowds of visitors here.


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