Anastasia Chukovskaya

Instead of searching for abandoned factories, storehouses and manufactures, A38 owners decided to retrieve from the dock an old Ukranian barge Artyomovsk-38. To breathe a new life into this vessel, they gathered a team of engineers, architects, sound specialists, electricians, musicians and concert promoters. The investment amounted to three million euros and appeared to be justified. The floating club moored at Petőfi bridge on the Danube is one of the most popular and trendy joints in Budapest and Europe. The schedule of events is planned almost a year in advance. Concerts take place nearly every day. Don't waste your time at the laptop or poster trying to find a suitable event. It's better to come to the restaurant or a bar here and learn the schedule on the spot. Maybe, today some really exciting performance will take place at A38.


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