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Berlin is a very affordable and comfortable city to live in. Exclusively for you, we've selected the best comfy and cozy budget places to stay in the capital of Germany.

LODGE Berlin

I often recommend these apartments to my mates who plan a short trip to Berlin. A room here is large enough to accomodate two people with comfort and to sleep up to five to seven people. We've always been happy with the conditions, the price and the homelike atmosphere. If you want to make a good bargain, book a standard room for three or four persons - then you'll pay only an extra €10–15 for each additional guest.

2А Hostel

A brand new hostel with hotel-like accomodation. We booked a double room here and were suprised to find out it had a king-size bed, an en-suite shower with towels, a TV, as well as Wi-Fi. And all that just for €28 per person! What's more, you can rent a bike nearby.

Baxpax downtown Hostel Berlin

Located in the centre of Berlin, this hostel boasts pink walls, a pool and a great rooftop view over the city. The rooms are very cozy and include comfortable studios. Don't hesitate and let your pals come and join you near the pool or at the bar. The hosts and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful, they will give you a good piece of advice on what Berlin sights and trendy nearby spots are really worth a visit. Prices vary from €8 for a bed to €30–70 per person in a nice double studio.

Hostel Boat

I celebrated my 25th birthday with my girlfriends in Kaliningrad where we rent a room on board a local museum ship. Spending a night in a cabin of a real ship was such a great experience that I decided to repeat it in Berlin. The Eastern Comfort hostel boat seemed to be a perfect choice. The cabins even have an en-suite bathroom with a shower and the deck is an ideal place to enjoy sunsets over the Spree and the Oberbaumbruecke bridge.
If you've almost run out of money, you can sleep right on the deck in the open air. Please note that you can either rent linen and towels on site for €5 or bring them with you. By the way, on Wednesdays the lounge area hosts language evenings - practice your skills with native speakers while listening to live music.

Ostel Berlin Hostel

Berliners treat the GDR aesthetics with awe. Ostel design hostel, for instance, can boast the 1970s kitsch decor with distinctive wallpaper, Soviet radios and lampshades. The prices also match the setting, starting from 15 euros for a bed in the Pioneer Camp room. Everything here brings back memories of the childhood spent in the GDR. However, the interior doesn't affect the comfort: you won't see shabby wallpaper in here or feel iron bed springs poke into your back. In the summer you'll be treated to a glass of lemonade, and guests can play table tennis, chess or beach volleyball in the hostel's garden.

Arte Louise Kunst Hotel

This hotel is certainly worth staying in. The Arte Louise Kunst interiors are decorated by modern artists, e.g. Teresa Mar, Patricia Waller, Stefan Bree and others. The room I stayed in was painted by Roman Schmelter who made me admire the Mediterranean landscape with a red horse in the skies above it. It cost me €42, with the shower located in the hallway. If you're looking for more comfort, expect to pay up to €210 per night.

Hotel Minimal

This hotel in the very centre of Mitte is an art installation in itself. It was started by a group of concept artists who are quite into minimalism. It's a place where you practically understand that a bed, a lamp and a cup of coffee is all you need for a good rest.
I don't recommend the place to those who wouldn't like to become part of the performance and who might be confused by spectators. Every room has floor-to-ceiling windows and though the bed is at the back of the room, one can see the interior very well from the street.


Hüttenpalast is an original camping-like hotel. However, this is not an open-air camping, but the one located inside a former factory. The rooms here resemble comfortable retro huts and mobile homes surrounded by an artificial lawn. In winter you will be more than impressed by a hammock hung between the inner yards. Those who are more into factory aesthetics can rent a room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Highly recommended is a local restaurant focused on vegetarian dishes with a healthy set breakfast menu, lunch buffet and delicious home-made quiches.

Michelberger Hotel

A perfect hotel and a very hipsterish one - in a good way, of course. The setting is friendly and laid-back featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a nice lobby with large sofas and a pile of books and magazines where you will definitely settle in for a while. The hotel frequently hosts concerts and afterparties. Prices per night vary from €50-60. In the morning treat yourself to a delicious and healthy breakfast.


If you're into spacious apartments, minimalist design and a home-away-from-home atmosphere, don't hesitate to book this loft at Miniloft design hotel. My friends came across the hotel when they were planning their four-day trip to Berlin with parents and three children and looking for some unusual place to stay in the centre. The prices are quite reasonable and vary from 80 to 200 euros. But you'd better make a reservation in advance as the number of lofts are limited to 14.

ÏMA Design Village

ÏMA Design Village is a unique experience even for Berlin. The territory of 10,000 sq.m is occupied by lofts, exhibition spaces, offices, dress-making parlours and living spaces. If you're going to stay in the city for quite a while, you'd better book an apartment here in advance. The ÏMA literally screams about its fondness for design. The staff and residents are super nice and friendly; they will be happy to give you tips on where to rent a bike or how to find the best places in the area.


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