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Berlin is constantly changing. Places open and close all the time, reshaping the streets, districts and sometimes the whole regions of the city. We selected some of the new spots of Berlin that opened in the last year. Here is our list of the best new restaurants in Berlin.

Crackers Berlin

The Crackers is one of the hot new restaurants in town though it does have quite a history. The place used to be a club called Cookies and for a long time was run by the same owner. The Cookies was a legendary club in Berlin with many reincarnations and branches that have opened since the 90s. But with time the owner changed his concept — his audience has simply grown out of being club kids. Just like that it has become an elegant, contemporary restaurant with a exquisite food concept focused on meat. This place is definitely perfect for an impressive a date, a business dinner or even a drink at the bar. There are special DJ nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays to Saturdays.


This spot at the end of the Admiralbrücke couldn’t be more perfect. Only a few minutes walk from the Kottbusser Tor and right in the middle of one of the most beloved squares of the hip area of Kreuzkölln is the new restaurant Berlinsoulfood. It opened this year and is promising to live up to its name. Inspired by hype of international street food the menu is full of burgers, pulled-pork sandwich, steaks, pastas, salads, and so much more. They also have a pop-up snack bar inside of the Bikini Mall in West Berlin.


Chutnify in Prenzlauer Berg is the latest addition to the Indian restaurant scene of Berlin. It’s probably the only true “cool kid” in that genre with its modern design and street food style cuisine. Of course the success of street food markets at Markthalle Neun and Biteclub must have played a big role in creating its concept. What we like about Chutnify is a very different type of menu than the usual Indian places. Prepare for a fresh culinary experience.

Dudu 31

Vietnamese restaurant Dudu at Rosenthaler Platz has been one of the most beloved places for lunch or dinner for the hip crowd of Mitte. It was long overdue that they opened a second place to meet the high demand. In their new West Berlin restaurant the concept is a little more grown up than in the East. Less premium fast food like in Mitte, more of an Asian influence and fine cuisine. The concept has been praised by the audience bringing in a lot of young people from the East who now mingle with the more established and older audience of Charlottenburg.

Santa Maria Eastside

Santa Maria Eastside is a new Mexican joint near Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. Its big sister restaurant in Kreuzberg has been a great success for many years now so it was about time for them to expand. Here you will find everything from tacos, burritos and quesadilla’s along with delicious Margaritas. The district has a couple of other spots Mexican food, unfortunately the very common Germanized and watered-down versions of it. So Santa Maria Eastside is a delight for everyone who likes their Mexican kitchen authentic.


Nudo is a brand new Italian restaurant in Kreuzberg Lausitzer Platz. Co-owned by the founder of the super successful Kochhaus stores it comes as no surprise that the recipes and ingredients are of the best of quality. The concept of Nudo is quite different. They only have one daily menu that consists of four courses and combines nouvelle cuisine and traditional dishes. It normally includes both fish and meat, but can also be requested as vegetarian. You can come here every day and each time experience something entirely new.


This new Indonesian restaurant claims to be the place to go for all those Berliners who don’t have an Asian granny. It’s a cute sentiment and the atmosphere of the modern, yet traditional place definitely adds to the vibe. The menu is a mix of traditional dishes with a couple of modern fusion variations. They also have a burger on their menu, of course with typical Asian ingredients. In the summer this place is heaven— they have many seats outside with a view to the Watertower, in the very heart of Prenzlauer Berg.


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