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Tanya Stella

In the past 20 years Berlin has changed dramatically. The Germans invited the best world architects, who not only reconstructed the monuments, but also preserved a few layers of history in each of them. There is Norman Foster who restored the Reichstag and Chipperfield who worked on the Neues Museum.


Gedächtniskirche, or the memorial church of Kaiser Wilhelm, is one of Berlin's major symbols. It is striking what a strong impression the combination of two architectural elements from different epochs makes. They are the restored remains of the authentic Kaiser’s church of 1891-1895 and the modern church building by Egon Eiermann’s design. The complex consists of four elements – the church, the tower, the chapel and the House of Silence and Prayer. You can enjoy go on an excursion, as well enjoy an organ concert.

Berlin TV Tower

Being 368 m high, Berlin TV Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the city, an essential landmark and a symbol of the capital's potency. It is located in the center of East Berlin, close to Alexanderplatz metro station. At a height of 203 meters lies a viewing platform. Still higher you will find a revolving restaurant, which makes a full circle every half an hour, swaying you slowly but steadily. It's best to book a table at least a week in advance.

Berliner Philharmonie

I'm a regular visitor of the Berliner Philharmonie for two reasons: it is free on Tuesdays and its acoustics and repertoire are simply amazing. The main concert hall with its pentagonal orchestra pit features solemn atmosphere which is perfect for soaking up high art. The Philharmonic offers daily tours – just come to the artists’ entrance at 1 a.m.

Konzerthaus Berlin

I have a tradition to visit this grand concert hall every year. It occupies a neo-classical building designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The Konzerthaus halls host more than 500 music concerts a year. Paganini, List, Wagner and Beethoven gave their first night concerts in this very place. You can take an excursion around the place and see this temple of classical music in all its beauty.


Tiergarten (a German word for 'Animal Garden') is a park stretched for 210 hectares in the very heart of Berlin. You can go boating down the Spree River which runs through the park. A 500-year-old Tiergarten looks like an enchanted forest – wild and a bit scruffy. There are wilds and sunlit meadows, flower beds and vines, stubs and moss. The park is adjoined by the famous Berlin Zoo.


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