Vintage Berlin: the Mitte Path

Berlin, Germany

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If there is one fashion trend in Berlin that will never die, it’s vintage fashion. The young people are obsessed with it and thanks to the countless sources for second hand clothes everyone can get their piece of the cake. You will find really good vintage shops in practically all corners of Berlin, but to give you a nice introduction we are sending you on a walking tour in Mitte. Enjoy and bring some cash.

Objets Trouvé

Objets Trouvé is an interior shop which is focused on industrial and vintage design and are more on the pricey side of things. But the old industrial lamps and design objects are really amazing. They also have their own line of huge tables.


You will reach the Weinbergspark when you walk down Brunnenstraße on the left side. This park with the little hill and the pond is maybe not the most picturesque spot of green in town, but it’s pretty much the only big park in Mitte and especially the young and hip crowd likes to hang out here, so there is a lot of handsome guys and cute girls to spot.

Garments Vintage

Garments is a very chic vintage boutique specialized in womenswear that has some really glamorous dresses and bags. Overall the shop has a more high class ambience than your typical thrift store, which of course comes with a slightly higher price tag.


Mankii Vintage store looks small from the outside but is bigger on the inside thanks to its two floors. The style here is very girly and playful with a few upcycled vintage pieces that add some flavor to the mix. Mostly younger girls will be happy here.

Das neue Schwarz

This boutique is specialized in second season and designer vintage from the 00’s. You will find big names here from Margiella to Helmuth Lang, Acne to Raf Simons, Bernhard Willhelm to Walter Van Beirendonck. Some of the stuff is as good as new, which of course makes this place significantly more expensive than your regular fleamarket bargain. But every fan of designer fashion will be very happy here.


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