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Kreuzkölln, or more correctly Reuterkiez, is the long stretch between the Landwehrkanal and Sonnenallee. Recently this area has developed into a hotspot for international youth culture with a lot of cafes, bars, shops and restaurants that attracts specifically the new Berliners in town. Especially the Weserstraße and it's side streets have a lot of interesting places and are perfect for a night out on Friday or Saturday with an endless string of cool and undergroundy bars.

Melbourne Canteen

Melbourne Canteen is French-Australian restaurant in the heart of Neukölln close to the Weser Kiez. It's one of the more modern places of the neighborhood attracting a very international type of crowd. They have wonderful options for breakfast such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and pancakes. But they also have options for lunch and dinner such as tapas, pizza and salads. They do have events going on in their place such as a quiz night on Tuesday and they do get involved in other cultural events with their food. Overall a very nice place to go to with good coffee.

Fuchs & Elster

Fuchs & Elster is one of the most beloved bars on Weserstraße. It has a cosy vintage interior that is quite typical for this area, but really welcoming and charming. In the evenings starting at 18:00 they serve dinner, for instance cold and warm tapas, salads, and pasta dishes. On some nights they have parties in their attached basement club with a very diverse music program. The people behind this bar are also the ones who run the very popular Klunkerkranich on the rooftop deck of the parking house of a shopping mall nearby.

Nathanja & Heinrich

Even though the whole area around Weserstraße has lots of cafes and bars this one in a side street is one of the best ones. It's quite big, so getting a table is much more likely than in other places, but it does get crowded on the weekends. During the day it's a lovely cafe to have a coffee sitting in one of the window frame seats. At night it turns into a nice bar with good drinks and a relaxed and mixed crowd.

Ä Bar

Ä is cool small corner bar at Weserstraße and Fuldastraße that has a quite improvised style. It's a perfectly good spot to have a drink at night. Every second Wednesday they have live concerts with local and international small bands and musicians and every second Thursday the place hosts readings (in German though) of local writers.


Tier is a quite elegant and modern looking bar on yet another corner of the very busy Weserstraßen Kiez that offers elaborate and excellent cocktails and drinks. Thanks to its big store front windows you have a great view over the street, but most of the time the cool crowd that comes together here will be the more entertaining thing to observe while sipping on your drink.


This alternative looking bar used to be a butcher shop which you can still see by the tiled walls. Unlike most bars in the street this one is not run as a commercial business but as a registered association for cultural events. They are open only on Friday and Saturday evening with a program that spans from concerts, quiz nights, film screenings, workshops readings, to vintage fleamarkets and swapping parties. On Monday nights you can join the Bridge club and play some cards. Of course you can always just have a drink.

Loftus Hall

The district of Neukölln is known for it's pulsating nightlife with lots of bars and underground parties. But when it comes to official clubs there are ultimately not that many. Loftus Hall is one of the few that has a quite interesting and diverse program of parties and draws a young and hip crowd. Depending on the party you can expect all sorts of music genres from 90s r'n'b and hip hop, over experimental music to good ol' fashioned techno and other variations of electronic music. The place is located opposite the Landwehrkanal at the water and has maintained the look of the old pub it used to be.


The Chester's Music Inn used to be a live music bar with a daily show program. A few years back a new concept turned the place into a hotspot for hipster parties of a quite eclectic nature. It has a very underground atmosphere with a wild mix of people and the music styles cater to a lot of different niche genres. There are a lot of parties with electronic, old school or experimental hip hop music, as well as techno perfromances. Apparently the traditional live music shows still take place during the week and sometimes also on the weekend. It's best to check the program on the website and to be prepared for an unusual experience.


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