Skallywag Gallery

Berlin, Germany


Frank Hearts Berlin

Skallywag is one of the 4 galleries of the Zozoville world by Johan Potma and Mateo Dineen and their kooky monsters. It all started with a joint stand on the fleamarket at Boxhagener Platz. Soon their art become so successful that they opened their own shared gallery in Friedrichshain, just a few years later a second one in Kreuzberg. And ultimately both artists also turned their private studios into public galleries which makes it four galleries in the city. That's quite a monster take-over. The one with the most dreamy location is probably the Skallywag one which is also the studio of Mateo Dineen. You'll find mostly his work their, but also the prints from both artists that are hugely successful and a very popular Berlin souvenir.


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