Salon — Zur Wilden Renate

Berlin, Germany


Anozer Berlin

You can come to the place on Thursday and stay till Tuesday, or alternatively, come early on Tuesday to witness the afterparty of the very event that took place on Thursday. Anyway, Zur Wilden Renate is a venue for those who arrive perfectly ready. Choose the freakiest outfit you have, or at least put on a wig – and the securities will sure let you in.
This used-to-be-squatted two-storeyed residence was long kept secret. One could learn about the parties held there from the organizers or from their close pals only. Today the club admits everyone. There are three dance floors where electronic, house and techno music is played. The interior looks psychedelic and features lobbies and parlors and the annual Miss Wild Renate Contest, when male clubbers dress in women’s clothes compete to become the Best Renata.
Recently an unusual theater-oriented venue Peristal Singum has been opened in the basement. Do go there overloaded with matters you’d like to get rid of. I won’t go into details not to spoil the impression for those who decide to visit the place.


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