Tempelhofer Park

Berlin, Germany


Tanya Stella

Closed in 2008, this gigantic airport now hosts concerts and exhibitions. The surrounding area was rearranged into the Tempelhof Entertainment Venue.
The remarkable fact is that despite €60 million of state budget allocated for Tempelhof, it is a perfect example of Berliners' independence in choosing leisure activities. Cyclists, skaters, bikers, kitesurfers, skateboarders, frisbee fans, runners, football players, kite flyers and soap bubble blowers coexist in harmony on the landing field. You can even join the community of truck-farmers, who plant small vegetable gardens to grow fresh vegetables. They even scheduled Gardeners and Truck Farmers Festival at Tempelhof for 2017, and strive to turn the enormous roof of the airport building into a planting area.


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