Berlin, Germany


Anozer Berlin

In summer I always like to picnic in this unique park. Grunewald covers 3,000 hectares, so better take a bike. The forest has several must-see places. The first one is an artificial hill Teufelsberg, which stands for “the Devil mount”. It was intended to be the viewing point towering 80 meters above Berlin. There is also a tower used by the Americans to wiretap Germans during the Cold War. In the modern times they wanted to open a hotel there, but the radiation background was allegedly abnormal, so the idea was abandoned. Later David Lynch wanted to open the Institute for Transcendental Meditations, but this never happened. Nevertheless, you can still meditate without this at the viewing point covered with graffiti with a picturesque view of the forest and the city. The second must-see place is Schlachtensee Lake. Its banks are good for picnics. The water is clear, fishes are swimming, there are many people playing Frisbee and dogs jumping in the water for a stick. A beerhouse and Jagd Restaurant are not far away.


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