Arena Club and Badeschiff Swimming Pool

Berlin, Germany


Tanya Stella

The Arena club is set in a red-brick factory on the Spree river. It is worth a visit due to its remarkable music, cube-shaped dance floor and afterparties on a sandy beach by the water with a separate dancing ground, bar and lounge chairs. The open-air swimming pool Badeschiff comes as a bonus. It stands right in the waters of the Spree, and one can get there through the beach dancefloor. You should take a swimsuit with you or just put it on before you go to Arena.
The swimming pool is usually occupied jointly by lively swimmers who had a good night sleep, and party folks after they went all out on the dancefloor and now come to soak at the pool. Jumping in the water with the first rays of the rising sun while listening to Pierre Bucci set after a night’s fun at a party with a name like “Stoned Unicorns” or “Fuck Me Now & Love Me Later” is a pleasure that’s hard to find in any other Berlin club.
Since recently Badeschiff is open all year round. From March to November it is covered with a transparent shell together with afterparty zone, and the space is transformed into a spa with two saunas, a heated pool, an open-air relaxation platform and a bar. For swimmers the pool is open daily, regardless of the Arena’s opening hours.


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