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Viatlas Kom

Forget about Louvre, Notre Dame or Eiffel Tower where every hop on/off bus can get you. Rent a bike and go to the most unusual museums in the city.

Saint-Ouen market

Once a commune of its own and today the world's biggest market of 7 ha. Some 11 mln people visit its 16 bazaars every year. Better get a guide at the entrance not to waste an entire day wandering around. Here you can get almost everything – from designer brands to stolen cell phones and African lucky charms.

Musee du Fumeur

The Smoking Museum is the only one in France dedicated to this bad habit. What they display are pipes made of wood, glass, heather and clay. Among rarities are shamaniс pipes from Amazonia, stuff for grinding tobacco and other curiosities. The museum shop sells pipes and tobacco from all over the world, including Latin America.


Launched only four years ago, the store has already become number one stop for Paris fashionistas. Here you can buy anything from jeans to sneakers and they have lots to offer both to girls and guys.


Vagenende is an art nouveau cafe that has yummy food and splendid interiors. Its décor is, in fact, a historic monument. If you are brave enough to taste frog legs, share your impressions – do they really taste like chicken? If you are not into experiments go for the classics – lamb, foie gras and profiteroles.


This street promenade is packed with curiosity shops, where you can get great souvenirs. Vintage postcards, LPs with Hungarian music, trendy handmade bags, crazy paintings and posters – choose whatever you like. Don't miss 106 rue Mouffetard – the store is a treasure trove of creative stuff. And watch for street musicians and magicians when walking around.

Place de la Concorde

The major highlight of the Square is the legendary Obelisk (23 meters and 250 tons) shipped from Egypt in 1833. It replaced another local darling – the guillotine. It was also quite big – there, amid laughter and chewing of croissants, Louis XV was beheaded. Later, sanity prevailed and the place was renamed into Concorde.

Les Deux Magots

Loosely translated the name means two ugly figurines while the cafe is a place not to miss. Since 1812, it has been home to the literary and intellectual elite of Paris – Hemingway, Faulkner, Picasso, all gathered here to discuss art and literature at delicious dinner. Try their signature stuff (marked Les Deux Magots on the menu) – beef tartar, salad and cappuccino.


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