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Cocktails with a view, relaxed bar-hopping or dancing till dawn in the best clubs in Europe – there are plenty of ideas how to spend a memorable night in Paris. This route is for those tired of museums and shopping and willing to engage into nightlife full-on!

Le Perchoir

Paris, unlike London and NYC, doesn't have that many rooftop bars or restaurants, that's why Le Perchoir, which has recently opened in Oberkampf number one bar spot, is so popular. There is a huge line of people craving a 360° panorama of Paris, though the place has no ads or signs – it is all spread by word of mouth. Once you pass face control and take the elevator up the 7th floor a relaxed and nice bar welcomes you. It is ideal for a summer drink and tapas with your friends admiring Paris in the rays of the setting sun. The place can seat only 110 people so better come early (5-5.30, after 18.30 don’t even try). There is, however, another option - book a table in Le Perchoir restaurant under the bar to have a rooftop aperitif before a great dinner.

Pop In

A small three-storey bar. Loved by the locals, this indie-pop place looks like a little piece of London on a noisy Amelo street. At weekends, it's worth coming here for a draught beer or cocktails, that you can drink while sitting on old couches in the lounge area on the upper level. It always feels like a house party there, and you can either stay for the whole night, or go to nearby bars and clubs, or you can wait till midnight when a dance floor opens in the basement. On weekdays, there are no dances and people come for a drink and to listen to small and usually local bands. If you're looking for relaxed setting, fun and total lack of arrogant attitude, you absolutely should come here.

Panic Room

This place is heaven for night-timers of the XI arrondissement. This bar has adopted the "chic and trash" approach which has worked out just fine because Parisians adore it. You can bring your own food and drinks here, and during happy hours (18:30-20:00) cocktails and champagne will cost you just 5 euros. You will definitely want to have a drink, because firstly, the cocktails are truly great, and secondly, dances in its mirror walls add to the thirst. Indie people and media celebrities love this place, which is part and parcel of the bar-hopping route, including the nearby ZeroZero, Pop In and Murano Hotel Bar.

Zéro Zéro

This tiny bar is a schizophrenic mixture of torn wallpaper, painted plants, graffiti, stickers and toys. This place is definitely not for neat-freaks, while music and art lovers should love it.
For some mysterious reason, the bar is always full with musicians, artists (including graffiti artists), photographers, designers, film directors and just idlers. In a word, this bar, where the only way of getting around is in dancing moves while trying to spill as little as possible of the other people's drinks, is a gathering spot for the Parisian Boheme. Why? First of all, it is the sound: each day there are excellent DJs playing house music, minimal and hip-hop/funk. The main secret, however, is probably the total freedom in everything from the decorations to the young owners. A little tip: act like locals and order beer, mojito or their brand cocktail 'Zéro Zéro'.

Le Mary Céleste

A new bar opened by the team behind Candelaria and Glass is easy to walk past without noticing, because from the outside it looks more like a simple pizza restaurant than one of the trendiest bars in Marais. In Mary Celeste, that got its name after an American ghost ship, apart from great cocktails (the recommended choice is The Rain Dog, Masala Cow or a variation of your favourite cocktail), wine and beer, it's worth ordering oysters – they have most unusual species and clean them right next to the bar (during the happy oyster hour, from 5 to 7 p.m., their price is slashed to 1 euro each). For those who haven't yet fallen for oysters, a Canadian chef Khaan offers fantastic fusion cuisine. Relaxed atmosphere, good music and friendly staff that is always ready to help with advice, are those small details that, together with delicious food and drinks, have made this place so popular.

Social Club

Some say the audience of the Social Club is too young (20-25-year-olds), the smoking area looks like a bunker, and drinks are too expensive (which is true for all other Parisian clubs), but noone argues with the quality of the music here. The venue is hard to notice except for a huge line at the entrance. As soon as you set foot inside, you find yourself in one of the trendiest and most eclectic clubs of Paris. Social Club is synonymous to the most famous musicians and craziest parties, where you can see, for example, Justice, Birdy Nam Nam, Carl Craig, Breakbot or Zombie Nation. The place itself is rather small with a limited number of visitors, so but an e-ticket in advance or come early.


Silencio club is a pet project of David Lynch, thought out in every detail. It features the atmosphere, music and even some of the characters from his movies. It doesn't look much from the outside, but all fans of Lynch films know that things aren't always what they appear to be. Lynch created Silencio as a private club for artists and actors, and the entrance before midnight is reserved for club members who paid 780 euros for a membership and presented a proof of their artistic skills. The others can try their luck after midnight. It is pointless trying to describe its interior, but one can be said for sure – inside you feel if not in Lynch's imagination, then definitely in one of his films: there are gilded decorations, dramatic light, and fantastic architecture. Sicencio club incarnates the eclectic mixture of culture and entertainment, and offers everything from traditional concerts and cinema presentations to illusionist performances and burlesque shows. People come here to drink and dance, but first of all – to feel this unique and fantastic atmosphere of being inside David Lynch's head.

Experimental Cocktail Club

if you are tired of all these mojitos and caipirinhas, there is a place for you, just recently opened in Paris - Experimental Cocktail Club. But be prepared that after you try cocktails here, you will never be able to drink them anywhere else. Such spots have become popular in NY years ago, while in Paris they are only getting fashionable. Incredibly good cocktails from unusual types of alcoholic drinks, fresh juices and various spices, cool and handome barmen, snug sofas and relaxed setting – it really does sound like an ideal place for a drink with friends. At weekends DJs play till 5 a.m., so real clubbers gather here after 2 when most places nearby are starting to close. On weekdays it's best to come before 8 p.m., otherwise there is a risk of not getting in because it will be too crowded.


One of the top-quality clubs in Paris, Concrete has recently changed its format to become not only a daytime, but also a night-time venue. The timetable changes: on some weekends the main fun falls on the night from Friday to Saturday, while during others its best to come at 7 a.m. on Sunday and stay until 2 p.m. on Monday. This monster club is situated on a barge moored at the Quai de la Rapée and offers the loudest parties in Paris. World's best DJs and local stars play electronic music, minimal and techno, and the Parisian jet set who come here looking for a thrill always find what they were looking for.


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